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Established in January 2000, found by the team of managerial personnel who had been in the freight forwarding and international transport industry for more than a decade. Manned by a group of well-trained staff who sophisticatedly aimed at service-oriented mind, they key factor of our rapid growth and success throughout the past decades regardless of hardship along the time.
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Air transport information

Domestic air transportation service Enhance the level of cross-sector logistics across the country, a new way of transport, pleasing to every business, express delivery, fast delivery, responding to every business needing speed in product delivery. Increase flexibility for your business to be fast, secure, not expensive as you think. It is convenient and safe for transporting lose-prone goods such as vegetables, fruits, flowers, helping your products to reach their destination quickly and without damage.

Domestic air transport services express delivery
delivery, cross-region delivery within one day.