Combine the pros and cons of air freight.

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Includes pros and cons, air freight

At present, transportation can be divided into 3 main categories: land transportation, water transportation, air transportation.

Each shipment has a different pattern. Whether it’s modes of delivery, process, transit time, The procedures differ according to their characteristics, which play a fairly different role. It depends on the needs of the operator and the shipper.

Of course, the more popular transportation that has become more popular lately is air freight, which offers fast transportation. It is timely and reduces the damage to goods that come from transportation well and can be delivered all over the world.

Overall, air transport has both advantages and disadvantages, and we want all operators to compare the pros and cons and find out the details of air freight before shipping begins. Don’t think too much about being right or wrong.  It also ensures the delivery process for you.

Advantages of air freight

1 Air freight is fast, which is considered to be the fastest compared to other types of transportation.

2. Exact delivery time, on time, with flight schedule, exact delivery. Don’t wait.

3. The cargo is safe, reduces damage during transportation because air freight is standard enough for delivery.

4. Delivery of multiple rounds per day for increased speed

5 Packing or packing most products is simple and hassle-free. Save on material and freight costs

6. Air freight can be carried out quickly on paperwork.

7. Help spread products faster, such as fashion products, to go farther around the world faster, keep up with trends, and sell.

Disadvantages of air freight

1 Limit size and weight

2. It costs more than other cargoes.

3 In each shipment, you may need to look at the weather before takeoff.

4 There are more regulations than other types of transportation.

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